TransCom is represented by more than 900 employees. They are highly qualified specialists, including many with - the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) diplomas, who have extensive experience in railway operations, international forwarding, transport logistics, as well as in rolling stock repairs.

TransCom adheres to the principle that the company’s biggest asset is its people, and strives to adopt an individual-focused approach to each employee, create a welcoming environment for employees to develop and realise their potential, help employees put their skills and abilities into practice, and deploy innovative solutions under real-world business conditions.

All enterprises have implemented a staff performance management system, which is a tool to assess performance results and to achieve the required key performance indicator (KPI) targets. To implement it, a comprehensive system of staff KPIs is successfully used, based on objective analysis of each employee’s individual contribution to the success of the company. This system is also aimed at boosting continued professional development.



The purpose of TransCom’s candidate selection system is to recruit qualified staff members with the necessary skill sets and competencies to achieve the business objectives required.


Fundamental principles:

  • Internal recruitment. The company prioritises its employees when filling vacant positions, while maintaining the principle of objectivity and impartiality in selecting the candidates.
  • Suitability of the candidates’ professional and personal qualities for the job requirements.
  • Ensuring equal rights and opportunities for the candidates. All candidates for the vacant positions are competitively selected on equal terms without discrimination.
  • Creating favourable conditions for new employees to adapt as quickly as possible. Job induction, i.e. support available to new employees from line managers, HR specialists and supervisors to familiarise them with the requirements, professional standards and the company's corporate culture.
  • Regular assessment of the efficiency of recruitment, based on comprehensive analysis: how well approved candidates fit the requirements, the consequence of internal and external recruitment, the justification/reasons behind the company’s turnover rate, as well as employee satisfaction surveys on the quality of recruitment/selection procedures.



The company works closely with employees to understand key motivations and priority benefits. It has identified that competitive compensation packages also include benefits such as medical care.


Staff Training and Development

The company provides regular training and development sessions for all levels of staff, helping to maintain a highly qualified workforce and familiarity and competency with modern requirements and techniques.



All vacancies for both TransCom and Eurasian Resources Group can be found at the following link