TransCom’s establishment can be traced back to the formation of MEK Transsystem LLP in 1991. MEK Transsytem was an international freight forwarding company, which gradually developed relations with railway stations in Kazakhstan. All efforts resulted in the company receiving its forwarder code on the Kazakh railway in 1997, which was the beginning of its work in freight transit and the administration of the export-import tariff in the territory of Kazakhstan. The company was then introduced to the CIS forwarding market. With the need to develop an operator business arose, TransCom LLP, an operator of cars with its own rolling stock, was established. In 2015, the companies merged under the single TransCom (Transport Group) brand, under which it successfully transports and dispatches the goods, repairs cars and locomotives to this day.



Creation of MEK Transsystem LLP


Beginning of the transporting and forwarding activities, implementation of a large project for the delivery of the agricultural equipment to Kazakhstan, transporting and forwarding services for Coca-Cola, “Kazakhtelecom”, “Uzkhimprom”

Implementation of the “Forwarder” IT-system

Beginning of the participation in the “TransKazakhstan”, “TransRussia” exhibitions, FIATA congresses


Freight forwarding services for ERG enterprises

Acquisition and modernization of terminal No. 6 at the Dostyk station


Creation of TransCom LLP

Formation of own fleet of the railway rolling stock


Purchase of the first gondola cars by TransCom


Transportation of goods using TransCom own rolling stock


Establishment of TRANSREMVAGON LLP at the production complex of the Zhelezorudnenskaya car-repair depot, a branch of RemVagon OJSC


Establishment of BEREKE 2004 LLP at the Ekibastuz locomotive-repair depot


Formation of TransCom’s fleet of containers and platforms, containerization of ferroalloys and aluminium transportation


Creation of the ENRC Logistics Transport Group


Work with the ports of Riga, Lianyungang, Novorossiysk


Implementation of the LMS project, creation of a logistics 3PL provider on the basis of the Transport Group


Development of repairing railway cars by BEREKE 2004 LLP


Reorganization of the Transport Group, merger of the three Almaty companies ENRC Logistics LLP, MEK Transsystem LLP and TransCom LLP into one TransCom Company, which carries out the management of the car repair enterprises of TRANSREMVAGON LLP and BEREKE 2004 LLP


Leasing purchase of 2,600 gondola cars


Purchase of 130 dumping cars


In August 2020, a record volume of iron ore raw materials was transported to China - over 618 thousand tonnes