More than 1.4 million tonnes of iron ore raw material shipped
in just one month by ERG enterprises


The iron ore giant SSGPO JSC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eurasian Resources Group, shipped over 1.4 million tonnes of pellets and concentrate in August 2020 with the logistics operator of Eurasian Resources Group, TransCom LLP. Despite difficult conditions, the company set a record in the direction of China, transporting over 618 thousand tonnes of iron ore.

The production workers reached a record indicator despite the COVID-19 pandemic, quarantine and all the concurrent difficulties. For the transportation of such large-scale volumes on this route, TransCom used more than 6,000 gondola cars

“Considering the scale in terms of the planned volumes of iron ore shipment to China, we began to search for rolling stock and to plan the resources in advance, including the preparation and repair of the cars for export”, notes Erdos Kashaganov, Deputy Chairman of the Board for Transportation Activities of TransCom LLP. “And it was not easy. We literally “pushed” our cargo in the direction of China and empty cars in the opposite direction towards SSGPO JSC – every day. Hence, it was possible to organise round-the-clock rolling stock preparation points to facilitate exports to China. We were also in constant communication with our colleagues from railway operator NC KTZh JSC and held daily telephone conferences. We are not going to slow down, we will always work to fulfil our obligations to our customers.”

This feat was undoubtedly achieved through team work, as the process involved SSGPO JSC railway subdivisions, which ensured the shipment. The logisticians, dispatchers and car workers of TransCom LLP also engaged in preparing the rolling stock, transporting cargo transportation, and solving of any issues.

Iron ore shipments to China have been on the rise since April 2020. In total, during the eight months of 2020, TransCom LLP transported 3.2 million tonnes of iron ore to China. According to the preliminary plans, another 1.5 million tonnes will be shipped by the end of the year.


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